The Michlits family is one of the most creative and influential organic wine growing families in Austria. Their products and their production methods are revolutionary for the region. Not only have they been able to understand and implement the use of non-trimmed vines in the region, but the use of biodynamic methods and the translation of these into new production standards are awe inspiring. The family owned cattle herd of over 50 Angus beef combined with organic/biodynamic wheat production are the most important tools to improve the soils and the vines that grow on them. Over the last few years the soils have been able to regain their original vigor and diversity.

In the cellar Werner Michlits has chosen to go in new creative ways. He was inspired by the egg the way it appears in nature. From his point of view the egg is nature’s ideal form for growing organisms. In this sense he invested into concrete, egg shaped tanks. Michlits believes that the wines need to stay in these tanks to develop the finest aromas and, most important, the highest rate of natural stability. His understanding of nature’s laws and the logical deductions from this have proven right, his wines have proven to be highly stable without any major fining agents or induced stabilization processes. The wines stay in the tanks for over nine months, again a parallel to nature. During their stay in the tanks the wines develop their complete aroma profile and can be bottled with the least amount of sulphur necessary.

The Michlits family has understood the use of traditional winegrowing and winemaking techniques and has developed them in a modern ways. Their search for establishing the best conditions and thus letting nature do its best work for the wines without too much human intervention is very innovative and modern. The family has become a world-renowned producer of high quality organic wines from Austria.